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About Us

Steve Berkowitz

“Our consultative services solve problems in two industries. I started my career with a major chemical company and there I began to see the need for specific cleaners and sanitizers for the food industry. Fifteen years later, the same needs became apparent in the burgeoning ethanol industry.

Science, Service and Problem Solving. We match our knowledge to your plant’s precise cleaning needs.”

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Michael Welker

“I learn something new every week! Every time I visit an ethanol plant, it’s with the intention of asking questions, understanding processes and pinpointing the challenges before I recommend anything.

For that very reason, our problem-solving approaches won’t be like anybody else’s. That all-in route puts me in a position to really understand your clean-in-place objectives. Once I understand, I can save you time and money and assure your plant’s cleaning standards meet all regulatory benchmarks.”

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